Beach Gum Software is a specialised software development laboratory that develops high quality software for end users and for clients in all types of application areas. The team has strong scientific and mathematical expertise.

The group's focus is mainly on building technical mobile applications. However, we have significant experience in the IT industry and provide technical consultancy and software development in Java.

The founder, Neil Harper (also see below) is available for contracting positions in the mobile domain or as a Java specialist.

Beach Gum software is based in the coastal town of Wollongong, Australia.


Beach Gum Software is run by Dr Neil Harper. He is a software specialist with more than 25 years experience.

He has a strong technical background and has worked in small and medium sized organisations developing software throughout his career. He has worked with many different programming languages, development environments and application areas. Application areas range from Image Processing to Mobile Location (A-GPS) to Management Accounting software.

Dr Harper has more than 20 published patents in the US and has others around the world.

He is also the sole author of one of the definitive texts on A-GPS and Java - "Server-Side GPS and Assisted-GPS in Java" published by Artech House. Neils PhD thesis is in the field of Ultrasonic sensing for mobile robotics.

You can view his LinkedIn profile here.


SunAspect is a mobile app that allows you to visualise the sun position and path throughout the day at different times of the year. It is available on iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch), Android, and Kindle. 

SunAspect Pro is the fully featured version of SunAspect. It offers a complete set of features with professional graphics.

CampAspect  is a tool to help you align your campsite. It shows you where the sun rises and sets for your current location. It also operates as a level in order to level your camper to give you the best nights sleep.


Please direct all inquiries to the following email address: info@beachgum.com

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